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Classic music in Trani Cathedral
Article from "The Staff" - 01/05/2018
On Thursday 31st of May 2018 in Trani Cathedral, Director Marcello Cormio conducts the Symphonic Orchestra of Metropolitan City of Bari. After a season rich in emotions and in events of great impact, European Arts Academy Aldo Ciccolini presents the expected return of some most famous artists of Trani of international standing. On podium Marcello Cormio and at the pianoforte Alfonso Soldano, again together after the last very famous production held in 2012 with a monumental Third Concet of Rachmaninov and the 6th Symphony of Tchaikovsky. The concert is introduced by a piece of the famous author, dear to people of Puglia and Italian symbol in the world: Nino Rota, with his overture Aria di Roma. Then the Concert will be dedicated to the expression of two giants of the classical and romantic period like Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. A masterpiece by Beethoven will be performed, the extremely famous 7th Symphony, that Wagner describes as “the dance apotheosis” To follow, the extreme virtuosity of the second concert for piano of the Russian genius Tchaikovsky in one of the first and rare executions in the South of Italy and in the whole Country too. An event not to be missed for lovers of great music.

Info and ticket resevations: European Arts Academy “Aldo Ciccolini” - 0883/508959-340/5845645
The Staff