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Enhancement Courses
Article from "The Staff" - 14/06/2018
In the history of instrumental musical didactics in Europe and in particular in Italy, Courses of High Musical Enhancement are considered, since many decades, essential for the formation of young and talented musicians. In fact,, these courses are held during summer or Christmas vacations for young men particularly talented and already trained as a complement and strengthening of the academic formation normally offered by High Schools and Musical Conservatories.

Courses of High Musical Enhancement are held by great national and international Maestros, who share with their students the very best tradition of interpretation and of technical performances. The cooperation between Maestros and talented young students results in musical executions of high interest and involvement.

The European Arts Academy Aldo Ciccolini Foundation plans to extend to the Summer in 2018 in Trani, but involving also the whole South of Italy, its tradition for excellence in formation including among the Teachers outstanding personalities, capable of offering to young musicians new and interesting suggestions of technical and critical interpretation. In 2018 the “focus” of the Courses will be aimed at chamber music and classic symphonic, involving a local orchestra of young musicians to train in particular soloists and directors. Also the location of the courses (historical palaces, monumental churches in Trani, courtyards and terraces) will be particularly suggestive and captivating.



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